Imagine asking Google Maps for directions to a city, without specifying a starting location! It could analyze all driving behavior within a specified timeframe to determine the optimum routes...from everywhere. This is exactly what the ClickFox Journey Research team set out to do in their latest application, Journey Trace.

Once the journey outcome has been specified, the application goes to work - finding the Journey Trace:

  • POSSIBILITIES AT SCALE: Visualize all journeys leading to a targeted outcome, like a purchase.

  • CONNECTIONS: Automatically connects and surfaces all customer, system, or employee, paths.

  • INTELLIGENCE: Presents previously unknown insights, such as the impact each journey has on a business outcome. Quickly see how good, or bad, journeys affect the bottom line.
  • VISUALIZATION: Displays results in an interactive visualization, for an executive and analyst friendly view, along with actionable statistical measures never seen before.