An Extremely Effective
Journey Analytics Methodology

What is a journey? In our case, a journey is a story hidden in data. In order to illuminate a broader purpose at the end, a good story sacrifices some details in a character’s experience. Similarly, we filter out some of the detailed experiences to hear the customer’s true purpose in their journey.

ClickFox has connected interactions and constructed customer journeys for more than 15 years. Beyond the software platform to automate these mechanics, these years of experience give us a unique position to develop and tune analytic and business strategies, to aid our clients to think and organize differently around the science of holistic customer journeys and to give a structure to analytic engagements around the understanding of customer interactions: Journey Science.

  • Define Journeys: Create, document and manage business definitions of the journeys, supported and challenged with observed interaction data
  • Construct Journeys: Use the journey definitions to transform and filter the interaction data
  • Analyze Journeys: Profile, classify, categorize and analyze customer interactions within and between defined journeys
  • Monitor Journeys: Set goals for each journey's success criteria, especially against critical business goals, and monitor over time
  • Change Journeys: Experiment with changes to the journeys, create new ones, perform testing and measure the impact