How JDS works

Journey dataset can easily be defined, scheduled and exported from the CEA Platform:

  • DEFINING: The JDS button in the CEA Platform allows you to define new exports or select from a list of JDSs that have previously been defined. As you see in the following UI, you have the option to tailor your exports specifically based on session CDDs, element CDDs, tasks and  filters. Exports are defined through the use of templates. Templates may contain 0-1 task and 0-n multiple filters.

  • SCHEDULING: Once the export is saved, you can schedule your export as part of daily processing. In the near future, you’ll have the ability to create and schedule an ad hoc journey attributes export, too. Job Admin gives immediate visibility into where each JDS is in the queue and whether it’s been completed.

  • ACCESSING EXPORTS: Each JDS has its own ZIP file with export  files enclosed for header  file (export overview data), session CDDs, element (event) CDDs, Tasks and Filters exports. These are exported from CEA to the client directory on ClickFox servers so that these files are readily accessible and can be downloaded easily via FTP by the client.