The ClickFox Journey Architecture approach focuses on standardizing key enterprise journeys.

The Journey Architecture approach enables the organization, definition, understanding and analysis of journeys. This enables a traditional business user to construct and analyze complex customer journeys independently.

The only way to truly transform a business to become customer journey-centric is to have standard definitions of key journeys that a company can rally around across the entire enterprise, from executives to channel owners, is. ClickFox ensures the same journey interpretation for each business silo in the enterprise.

Organizations that have already adopted the Journey Architecture approach benefit from:

  • A boost in agility of their analytics efforts for rapid test and learn, leading to faster results
  • Increased velocity for use case specific analysis, as data is collected and connected continuously
  • Better insights as journeys surface the information hidden in between the data points and across channels
  • Significantly reduced data preparation time for advanced analysis
  • The complete customer picture by going beyond the standard CX metrics
  • Reduced risk in enterprise digital transformation, due to a common understanding of all enterprise journeys